Sunday, May 12, 2019

Forced Fem by His Wife's Lesbian Lover Omnibus Edition

Hi Everyone!
I just released the Omnibus Edition of my most recent series, Forced Fem by His Wife's Lesbian Lover. It is available Here on Amazon Kindle.

Donald thinks his dreams are coming true when his wife confesses and attraction to the beautiful blonde she works with. But will Donald experience his wildest dreams or be confronted with his deepest sissy nightmares?
Will Donald maintain control of his marriage, or will the beautiful, but vicious lesbian he welcomes into his home turn him into a whimpering femdom slave?
Consists of all twelve stories in the series, Forced Fem by His Wife's Lesbian Lover.

Her Naughty New Urges
Roleplaying Him into Her
First Forbidden Taste
Teased and Locked
Watching From the Corner Like a Good Sissy Gurl
Sissy Maid Allowed to Worship
Taking Pity on the Sissy Maid
On His Knees for Wifey’s Boss
His Special Anniversary
Little Sissy Money Maker
The Perfect Wedding Pet

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